Heal, grow, and transform

Address the mind, body and soul connection through Integrative Depth Psychotherapy.

We are a results-oriented, trauma-informed, LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity-affirming group practice offering individual, couples and family therapy.

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What is Depth Psychotherapy?

We primarily employ a Depth Psychology orientation, the branch of western psychology that integrates the unconscious and spiritual aspects of human experience; affirming that we are not only a mind and body, but also a soul/spirit. We couple this view of the whole person with various cutting-edge treatment modalities and counseling interests as practiced by each of our therapists.

Align with Your
Authentic Self

Our goal is to help you through the journey of Individuation, the realization of your optimal unfolding—becoming the unique, purposeful and adaptive individual you are meant to be.

Break through
barriers to Aliveness

If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, creative blocks, a difficult life transition, unhealthy behaviors you can’t seem to change, relational and family conflicts, existential dilemmas, challenges regarding your neurodiversity or sexuality, we will help you use them as opportunities for positive and sustainable transformation.

Blossom in your

With a neurodiversity-affirming lens, we help you understand your particular wiring and coach you in cultivating a healthy and compassionate relationship with yourself. We help you develop self-care strategies that capitalize on your strengths and accommodate your challenges, ultimately, empowering you with tools to find your place in the world and advocate for your needs effectively.

Thrive in your Relationships

We are biologically wired to be relational beings. We see relationships as containers for mutual healing, development and a high quality of life. We guide couples and families in understanding relational dynamics, resolving conflicts and learning new skills of safety, communication, repair, and play.

Build your Personal Growth Tool Box

We facilitate you in gaining self-awareness and accessing your own wisdom, as well as teach a variety of psychological tools to break through unconscious limiting beliefs and cultivate positive habits for continued personal growth in and beyond therapy. If you are not ready to start therapy, browse our free resources to start your personal work

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