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We are a results-oriented, trauma-informed, LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity-affirming group practice offering individual, couples and family therapy.

Individual Therapy

Work one-on-one through weekly, bi-weekly or as needed sessions with a therapist.

Group Therapy

We provide sessions led by one or two therapists, where several clients come together and work on a specific issue in a group setting. This can be a more affordable option and provide a sense of community support and enriching personal insight with real-time feedback from other people. To ensure a good fit, clients are screened prior to joining. Group therapy is not appropriate for certain mental health issues.

Family Therapy

Using a Family Systems lens, we help the family unit or work group uncover dysfunctional dynamics and devise ways to better support each other and work through difficult situations.

Unblocking Creatives [Zoom]

A space to process life and work issues to achieve a clearer sense of self which translates into authentic creative work.

Spots: 4-6 available

Duration: 60 minutes per session

Cost: $50 per session

Time: Wednesdays at 5pm PST

Couple’s Therapy

We assist couples in assessing the challenging dynamics in their relationship and teach tools for greater connection and growth. We also assist those who may be in the process of uncoupling and want to use the experience for greater personal insight and transformation, and bring closure to the relationship with a respectful, compassionate and mindful approach.

Neurodiversity Parenting Support Group [Zoom]

A space for parents of children with ADHD, Autism, and 2E (Twice exceptional profile) to seek support.

Spots: 4-6 available

Duration: 60 minutes per session

Cost: $50 per session

Time: Thursdays at 5pm PST

If you are not ready to find a therapist, browse our self-help resources to start your personal work.

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